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Downloading the Client is Easy!


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What Does Storm Bolt Have?

Character Titles

All New Titles And Old Titles Give Stat points that can be used to bring up your damage, defense, hp, sp, speed, inteligence, and a number of other things. It also does decrease your HP/SP/Defense/Magical Defense/Speed also!

Kingdom Quests

With the New Kingdom Quest system we can allow as many levels to be gained quick and easy! It does have time restrictions though! Play amoungst one another see whose stronger in PVP Events in Kingdom Quests

HP/SP Stones

Fully working HP/SP stones for healing up those necessary bits!


This version has the crusaders thats always been seeked and always wanted! We've got the settings for it and we're going to be lowering it from level 60 requirement for a previous character to use it!

Cheap Gears

We have gears in the npc's that are needed for everything you want!


The support team is always waiting for you to make suggestions, make the game more enjoyable not just for yourself but others also! Many Ideas are listened to talked about and tested before being put in! So your ideas May make it into the game! Just try and make suggestions! Even if its just to say a Thank You! To our support team we love to hear from you! And Welcome to Storm Bolt Online!